What is an interface?

An interface is a contract that can contain methods, properties, events, indexers, or any combination of those four member types.

What is the difference between a class and an object?

A class is a user-defined blueprint or prototype from which objects are created. Basically, a class combines the fields and methods (member function which defines actions) into a single unit.

What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class?

An interface is not a class, it contains member declarations only. An abstract class can have declarations and implementations.

What is the difference between authentication and authorization?

Authentication securely identifies users for application access. Authorization allows/disallows securely identified users to access certain areas of the software.

What is Razor Syntax?

Razor is a markup syntax for embedding .NET-based code into web pages. The Razor syntax consists of Razor markup, C#, and HTML.

What is MVC Routing

Allows for navigation by entering a URL into a browser, mapping the browser request to the controller action, and ultimately returning the corresponding page.

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